Gary Barbera

Mike Rainone is a rare asset/commodity. Long story short, he was one of the pivotal components during a complex series of litigations to successfully re-acquire our family business. Mike is a smart, hard-working person who stays the course. A person of integrity who I hold in the highest regard. No matter how valuable a vendor’s […]

Dan Monteforte

Mike has always taken the time to truly get to know his clients and offer clear, actionable recommendations to ensure their future success. While managing a group of diverse commercial clients together for close to a decade, I was able to witness first-hand just how important growing and cultivating relationships is to him. Overall, it […]

Marie Haegele

John has been an absolute Godsend. As a new business owner I didn’t know up from down and quite frankly, I felt my business was a mess. John started at the foundation and has been the supportive, communicative, educator and coach I needed. He has made my business more profitable, and has made me a […]

John R. Reiff

John was quite supportive of both me and the Delaware County Community Foundation, where he served on my DCCF President’s Advisory Board. He was an effective advocate for our Foundation and created many opportunities for us, to garner new funds to the Foundation. He gave us many interesting leads (new contacts for possible funds to […]

Ross Weisman

I have known John for an exceptionally long time. His professionalism and integrity is 2nd to none. When he gets involved with any organization, it is all out, 100% all the time. He is always about helping others before himself. He is a world of information explaining difficult concepts, especially in these tough times. I […]

Denis McDonald

John’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. He brings life and a positive vibe wherever he goes, whatever he does. He’s a joy to be around and to work together with. He’s been successful, because he treats people with respect and listens to their needs and ideas – a real team player and leader with the […]

Jonathan Freitas

I have had the pleasure of working shoulder to shoulder with John at 3 different financial institutions. The tactics that he creates are creative and drive new customer acquisition unparalleled to other institutions. He excels at recognizing and developing talented employees and his ability to teach managers how to motivate and inspire their teams is […]

Miguel Nunez

John has been a mentor of mine for over seven years. Not only was he my immediate boss at two financial services companies, he was always inspiring and motivating me to grow personally and professionally. He continues to mentor me to this day as his advice is extremely valuable. He is one of the most influential […]

Sarah Mayland, MS, CPT, FNS

What I admire most about John is his leadership style. He is the kind of leader who serves — the best kind of leader, in my opinion. John is about lifting other people up and cultivating a culture of service, leading strongly by his own example. He is about finding the strengths in others and […]

Lars B. Eller

John is an incredible leader who is extremely creative, kind, and truly driven to succeed. He is an excellent mentor, motivator, and connector. His positive energy rubs off on everyone around him and he has a way of getting the best out of teams. He is a rare find, and someone who can transform your […]