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Why Brilliant Business Strategies

What can happen when you surround yourself with brilliant individuals? Brilliant Business Strategies provides access to some of the top minds in the United States for a fraction of the cost of hiring them on your own. We can help in all areas of business, finance, leadership, HR, marketing and sales consulting. If you don’t have the right staff or the number of team members to execute your plans, Brilliant Business Strategies has a team at the ready to help you push your company to new heights

We believe that with the right motivation and support system, people can become great. We believe our team is here to help make the world better by giving our expertise and brilliant strategies to those who truly deserve it, regardless of budget. We believe that if you have the will, you deserve a way.


General Business Coaching

Do you need direction, a second opinion, or someone to help you plot to course of your company so you are prepared for success? Our team of experienced consultants will help you avoid pitfalls and create windfalls.

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Financial lifecycle services

Do you need startup money, expansion loans, or are looking to retire? Do you need that CFO brain but are not ready to hire one? Our team of coaches will get you the funds you need and help you manage your company effectively and efficiently.

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Culture Boost

The difference between a good sales team and a great sales team is locked in the relationship between the company culture/mission and their leadership. We help small businesses realize their true culture and show them how to find rockstars who fit that culture. Then we teach them how to motivate and inspire their team to be the absolute best versions of themselves.

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