About Chad Miller:

CEO/Founder of Life Abundant Leadership and BBS' Leadership, Team, and Culture Development Assessment Coach

Chad worked in the information technology industry for 15 years for Fortune 500 companies. During this time he completed a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. After partnering with the staff development team internally to help colleagues in the areas of communication, conflict management, and team dynamics, he decided to begin his own business to focus more fully on this passion of helping others succeed through better leadership, healthier teams, and outstanding organizational cultures.

As a big believer in lifetime learning, he has gained certifications and expertise in many assessments and he uses these as the foundation for any leadership development coaching, or initiatives to improve team and organizational health. Data and awareness are necessary for individuals and groups to identify strengths and development opportunities as well as setting a foundation for measured growth and change.

Clients utilize Chad for the following assessments/surveys:

  • Emotional Intelligence – unlike IQ (mostly set at a relatively young age), your EQ (emotional intelligence) can be developed through intentional effort that starts with the awareness resulting from tangible data. Growing your EQ will improve the way you lead and interact with others, and help you avoid potential career ceilings or derailers.
  • DISC Behavior Styles – complete one individually or by all members of a team to improve communication, collaboration, and overall relationship health and effectiveness (internally or externally with customers and business partners) through increased awareness of one’s own style and the styles of others.
  • Driving Forces/Motivators – know how you (or your staff) are wired. What motivates them? In what kind of environment or role with they thrive? How do their motivators align with those of teammates and what might be points of contention?
  • Mental Toughness – develop your abilities to overcome business (and life) challenges with confidence, commitment, courage and resilience.
  • Soft Skills Assessments – assess candidates for high level hires, identify strengths to capitalize on and weaknesses to compensate for by finding colleagues who are strong in those areas.
  • Team Health – healthy teams require trust, commitment, accountability and healthy engagement of conflict to achieve results. How is your team’s health?
  • Employee Engagement – Survey team engagement to identify organizational strengths and weaknesses. Attract and retain top talent. Ensure engagement to optimize performance.

When not helping leaders grow and create environments where they, their staff, and their business can thrive, Chad can be found engaging in outdoor adventure sports (primarily rock climbing and mountain biking/road cycling) and spending time with family (including an ever-increasing zoo of pets) and friends. As a former course tester for the show American Ninja Warrior, he is also a co-owner and Board Chairman for a ninja warrior gym, Traverse Fitness. He is also active in his faith community and community service, and is committed to striving to follow the servant leadership principles and teachings of Jesus in all aspects of his life.

To book a Free 20 minute introductory call with Chad, email John Durso at JDurso@BrilliantBusinessStrategies.com or call 215-439-1877.